Growing Our Economy

A good paying and stable job is the backbone of every successful New Mexico family, but the Democrat majority in Congress and the current President have left too many behind with their stagnant economic recovery. As a small business owner, I know what it takes to open the doors of a successful business and keep them open, employing hardworking New Mexicans. Uncertainty in the tax code, burdensome regulations, and a workforce dependent on the government are stifling growth, but we have the solutions. 

Allowing job creators to thrive without constant government overreach and getting the workforce back to work will kickstart our New Mexico economy, lowering inflation, reducing the cost of goods, and allowing our families to find their own footing in these trying times. 

The dangerous agenda of massive government spending and socialist-style overreach is not what we need in New Mexico. These California, New York, or Washington D.C.-style policies supported by our current representative will only lead to more despair and divisiveness.

Ending the crime crisis

Defunding our police and allowing criminals to walk free are dangerous policies that the Democrat majority in Congress champion every day. I see New Mexico families struggling to keep themselves and property safe from dangerous criminals. We all have heard the news and seen the crime rates in our neighborhoods skyrocketing, but our current representative in Congress has done nothing. Creating a community where everyone feels safe is the first step to strong families and a growing economy. 

I will stand by law enforcement, ensuring they have the resources needed to keep our families safe. Bringing the latest technology and training to our local departments through Federal grants and assistance will be my first priority in Congress. We can and must solve our crime crisis, but we must change who we send to Washington to get the job done.

Supporting our national security

We all know a family member, friend, or neighbor who is or was employed by Kirtland Air Force Base, Sandia National Labs, or the Air Force Research Lab and their contracted partners off base. This economic impact is critical to our community and their missions are the foundation to strong national security. We need a voice in Congress who understands their importance and fights every day to protect their role and the jobs that provide so much to the state we love. 

Securing the border

Securing the southern border is vital to ending the crime crisis and curbing the flow of illegal drugs and criminals into our communities. Utilizing the best technology available to us, standing with our Border Patrol Agents, and reversing the dangerous Biden/Pelosi policies, we can stem the tide and protect our families.

Protecting our rights

Our God given rights are protected by the Constitution and in Congress, I will never back down to the radical left in their efforts to erode our freedoms. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are guaranteed to us, along with our right to self-defense, practicing our faith, and speech. Our current Representative believes these rights are only for those who support her dangerous agenda or not at all. 

It’s time we have equality in the protection of our freedoms, not one-party control over who is allowed to speak freely and live their lives without dangerous government overreach.